Curricular reasons for homeschooling

One size does not fit all.

How many adults do you know who are competent generalists in all aspects of what is pigeonholed as ‘learning?’ Isaac Asimov was a well-rounded guy and Buckminster Fuller has a good track record, too. Marilyn vos Savant is held in high esteem by many, as is William F. Buckley. 

But can they throw a touchdown pass?
Or draw?
Or does it even matter?

Yet this is what is expected of ordinary schoolchildren and is something on which they are tested. In some schools there have been cutbacks of non-academic classes because of lack of money. Football, drawing and singing may soon disappear from school activities, something those in charge of the decisions think is fine. But where does that leave young people who are athletes, artists or singers?

Mass education with its focus on the ‘well-rounded’ curriculum can do nothing less than to shave the edges off the square pegs.


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