Homeschool, or not?

One way to approach making your decision as to whether or not to homeschool is to think about what you want to look back on when your kids are grown:

  • What are the memories you want to have?
  • What experiences do you want to have had?
  • What challenges do you want to have overcome?
  • What ‘mental furniture’ do you think would be useful to your child?

While it may be easy for you to think of what you, the parent, would like to look back on, the exercise will be a guess concerning your children.  It’s a guess that all parents make either purposefully or by default, because the time between birth and adulthood must be filled, and choices must be made.

While we were children none of us knew what our outlooks would be after we became adults. We all went through phases, we acquired and shed interests as snakes do their skins, and our parents may have tried to stay one jump ahead of us, just as we try with our own children.

It is very easy for a person with grown children to look back and say, “Don’t worry, just do your best.” Getting up every morning and facing those bright, shiny faces is a different story. What will be best for each and every little one?


Copyright 2006, Valerie Bonham Moon

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