Homeschooling and family bonding

Homeschooling, in contrast to mass schooling, has family solidarity at its core. Only in homeschooling can all these imperatives be pursued without pulling family members away from each other.

Homeschooling, however, still doesn’t seem to be as easily done as mass schooling. Despite that benefit of family solidarity, homeschooling requires that while a parent continues to keep up a household she must also make dayto- day educational choices and actively apply those choices all within the same pre-homeschooling budget. The buck stops there. To further complicate homeschooling life, local law enforcement officials might (but usually don’t) show up. Why would anyone invite this into their lives? For many homeschoolers the question is instead, “Why should I forfeit my liberty and independence as well as allow bureaucratic intrusion and additional cultural pollution into my family?” This question, however, is rarely articulated and families give other reasons for homeschooling. Mirroring the many methods of homeschooling that are practiced, so, too, do parents give many reasons that they choose to direct their children’s educations.


Copyright 2006, Valerie Bonham Moon

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