Homeschooling in a remote area

Geographic Reasons

Military families assigned to a remote area may find the installation has too few school-age children for the U. S. military to be able to justify building a school. The minimum number of students for establishing a school is 100 up to 8th grade, and 300 for a secondary school.6 In Europe a military teenager whose parent is assigned to a remote location can attend London Central High School and stay in the Residence Halls.7 Boarding schools are not available for junior high students or younger. Other alternatives may be to send the high-schooler to live with family in the United States or perhaps to attend a local national school.




6. DOD Directive 1342.6, Department of Defense Dependents Schools (DODDS) C1. An enrollment of at least 100 space-required dependents is ensured for an elementary school (K through 6 or K through 8), and an enrollment of at least 300 space-required dependents is ensured for a secondary school (7 through 12 or 9 through 12). K through 12 schools must meet both of the foregoing requirements. Minimum school enrollment size alone shall not be the sole criterion for determining establishment and disestablishment of DoD Dependents Schools in overseas areas. The availability of alternative educational opportunities, safety, and hardships shall be given consideration. Exceptions for establishing schools that do not meet the minimum school enrollment size must have prior approval of the Director, DoDDS.

7. London Central High School and Residence Halls


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