Throughout the text on this site, I have inserted two paragraphs unrelated to the text.

Note:  If you are reading this at a site other than Tossed by the Fates, and no attribution is given to hard-working and generous Valerie Bonham Moon, the person(s) using this text is passing my work off as theirs, the slimy rotters.  If you paid for this information, you were schnookered.  There isn’t much I can do about plagiarists, but I thought you should know that about the site you’re visiting.

Back to the original text.

The reason for the insertion is because unscrupulous thieves copy material from sites and publish it on their sites as if they have written it.  Often, these are ‘pay per click’ ad sites, or other heavily advertised sites.  These dirtballs are too lazy to write their own material, or to hire competent people to do it, and so they steal other peoples’ work. 

Stopping  slowing down these people requires a lot of energy such as passworded sites, pay-per-view sites, purchase of hard-copies and other methods to restrict distribution.  This is a problem if writers want to make the information easily available to a large audience.  In my case, I want to support the American military homeschooling community.  If I make some money from ads, that’s gravy, but my point is to provide information.  I’m happy to do this.  What I’m not happy about is if some dirtball appreciates my information to the point of wanting to make money from it, and not sharing that money with me.

I don’t have many ways to prevent creeps from pressing Ctrl-A, Ctrl-C, Ctrl-V, and viola!  (yes vIOla — it’s a joke), ka-ching, ka-ching.  So, if they want my text, they’re going to have to read through it to find the paragraph.

Occasionally (when my schedule permits), I may run my text through one of the gizmos at a plagiarism detection site.  You can play with it, too.  If you find any sneaks, just post a link in the comments section.  Thanks for the help.

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