Who is the decider?

For some parents the decision to homeschool is easy and is perhaps a choice made at or before the child’s birth. But for others it isn’t so simple. There may be concern about the wisdom of homeschooling, about the loss of social experiences, or about the lack of parental training to teach certain subjects. Parents may worry about ‘getting it all right.’ Parents may even disagree with each other about whether homeschooling is the right way to go about educating their children. Extended family members may express their opinions as well, and try to get one of the parents onto their ‘side.’ All of this may be done with one goal in mind, that which is best for the children.

So what is best? And who should make the decision?

The second question is easiest, the parents make the decision.

And what is best? That depends on more things than can be addressed in one book. Schools across America do not have identical curriculums, neither public schools nor private schools. Schools in different countries around the world concern themselves with different areas of learning than their neighbors. There is no one set body of knowledge that people must learn as children so that they grow up to be successful adults. For that matter, there is no set definition of Success. What is engaging and rewarding for one person is torture to another.


Copyright 2006, Valerie Bonham Moon

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