Do researchers find that homeschooled kids are maladapted?

So what about these ‘common sense’ ideas? Are home educated children not only brainwashed but socially inept? Do they lack friends? Are they clueless about the allegedly ‘real’ world? No.

Patricia Lines published an article in July 2000 titled, “Homeschooling Comes of Age.”1 In this paper she cites a controlled study on interpersonal relations in which a researcher videotaped 140 children at play. Half of the children were publicly schooled children and the other half were homeschooled. The counselors who watched the tapes did not know which children were which. The homeschooled children were noted, “to have fewer behavioral problems.”

Despite this, and the examples of homeschooled children successfully interacting every day with people outside their homes, parents may still wonder, “Will my children have friends?” “How will my kids learn to get along with others?” And, “What about that ‘real’ world?”



1. Patricia M. Lines, “Homeschooling Comes of Age,” Discovery Institute, The Public Interest, July 1, 2000, page no longer online, abstract at:
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