The new kid

Making friends is always a hump for all military children, not just for those who are homeschooled. Every so often the family packs up and takes off for parts-usually-unknown- to-the-children, with the consequence that the military Brat is the ‘new kid.’

During a Brat’s childhood this change usually happens more than once. Sometimes the change goes well, sometimes it doesn’t. Much depends on the child’s personality, the kids who are already living at the new assignment, and, unfortunately, on the child’s looks. It is a cruel fact of Brathood that good looking kids with ‘personality’ will integrate into a new school more easily than their plainer, and possibly shyer, fellows.

This isn’t to say that those of us who weren’t born with movie-star looks are doomed, we just don’t have it as easy. It may also be a point in our favor that our friends like us for who we are and not for the charisma we emit that reflects off them. But, that’s a life-lesson that comes with experience.


Copyright 2006, Valerie Bonham Moon

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