The summer PCS

Good looks notwithstanding, being the ‘new kid’ is never a picnic. Both homesickness for the last duty station, and the intricacies of adjustment to a new social group take time to work through. Does homeschooling ease this particular transition? It can, as evidenced by a peculiarity of military life: the Summer PCS.

Why is it that families prefer to move during the summer? What is it about moving between June and August that is more pleasant than moving in October or November? Is it only the weather or the lack of most major holidays for which special foods are cooked? Is driving easier? If school vacations happened between 1 January and 15 March would the summer PCS phenomenon still occur?

Is it that much easier to get the quarters ready for a checkout inspection during the warmer months of the year, especially if the kids aren’t tracking snow and mud into the house? Is it easier to lessen the break in lessons? Or do the kids adjust easier when they don’t have to adapt to a new community, climate and house at the same time that they have to meet, alone and without a supportive friend, an entire new school?

Regardless of why the military has a summer PCS phenomenon, that is when most of us are transferred.  Luckily for homeschooling families, PCSes at other times of the year are not as disruptive of the children’s schooling.


Copyright 2008, Valerie Bonham Moon

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