Underground homeschooling

Some military families feel that they do not want local authorities putting their bureaucratic noses into the family’s business and do not comply with the education laws of the state in which they are living. This is called ‘underground homeschooling.’4  If you choose to homeschool underground because of philosophical or religious objections to your residence state’s laws, have an exit strategy. Think about the consequences of the action before you engage that action.

In case of the educational authorities taking exception to your homeschooling underground and filing charges for violating the law worth the effect this might have on the active-duty parent’s military career?

  • If you are living in quarters consider how the community or installation commander will view a resident family being charged with truancy.
  • Could you be evicted from your quarters?
  • In light of the preceding, are you willing to take time and money from your homeschooling to deal with the fallout of being ‘discovered?’
  • Will you present it to your children as standing up for your liberties or might they see it as breaking the law?
  • What kind of example will you set for your children?
  • How much will you worry about ‘discovery?’
  • Will this worry affect your ability to move freely during the day?

This isn’t to say that homeschooling underground is a ‘wrong’ choice, only that if you choose to do so, examine your attitudes, the presentation of the situation to the children, and your exit strategy.


Notes to How to start homeschooling

4. Pauline Harding’s Guide to Homeschooling, Alternatives to Pennsylvania Homeschooling Law, Underground Homeschooling http://home.comcast.net/~askpauline/hs/homeschoollawalternatives.html#underground


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