Military homeschooling in Europe

I originally wrote the following booklet in 1996 to answer questions about homeschooling, and about homeschooling in the milieu of the overseas American Army in Europe, also known as USAREUR (United States Army Europe).  Many people, command staff as well as family members and sponsors, often did not have the time or the deep interest to delve deeply into just how homeschooling fit into the educational picture for children whose parents were assigned to a military unit in USAREUR.

Some of the specific references in the booklet are obsolete, rewritten or canceled, but the general structure remains the same.

This was my first book(let).  I still like it a lot, but I’d use more commas now.

Copyright 1996, 2010 Valerie Bonham Moon


Finding curriculum

One of the first questions parents new to homeschooling ask is about curriculum.  They want to know which one is best, and if there is no ‘best’ curriculum, what then?

The topic of curriculum often depends on the purpose the parent sees in education.  That purpose may range from ensuring my child has good job opportunities as an adult, to transmission of culture or religion, to my own preference for giving my children well-furnished minds that are pleasant places to live.

For the purpose of this post, though, I’ll cut to the chase:  Where do I find curriculum?