Hug-a-hero dolls

No time to wait for the “Deployment” part of the blog, it starts now.

Children miss parents when they go away, whether it is for a deployment, or for any other reason.  The dolls from this site give children the ability to keep the parent nearby, and the dolls are more durable, and portable, than a normal photograph.

The site is called “Daddy Dolls,” and while that gender-identification applies to most deployed personnel, it doesn’t apply to all.  I imagine that families with a mom-sponsor would be able to buy the dolls, too.

Daddy Dolls

Regardless of what the site is called, the idea is wonderful.


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  1. Audrey said,

    20 April 2010 at 12:47 pm

    Another great organization to help children of deployed parents at no cost at all is OPERATION GIVE A HUG at at You can also call Susan Augustin at 1-253-691-9391. They are the only ones supported by the Army and the dolls are FREE 100% to all children of deployed parents. For those who wish to purchase cost is at least 50% less than any other product out there plus is most lifelike. Enjoy!!

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