Legally homeschooling in CONUS as a military family

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The arrival of PCS orders may set off an alarm for some homeschooling families.  Parents new to homeschooling often wonder, “Which rules do I follow?  Do I follow the rules of my home state?  Do I follow the rules at the new assignment?  Do I follow some special rules for military families?”  The short answer is that you follow the laws of the place where you sleep each night.

Educational jurisdiction

The Constitution of the United States does not address education, so schooling bypasses direct federal control and each state manages its own school system.

In the United States, schooling laws for children of compulsory attendance ages vary by state, as do the compulsory attendance ages themselves.  Although states maintain schooling laws under the Tenth Amendment of the United States Constitution, the federal government uses financial carrots or sticks to influence how states run their schools: “Do this and you will be given X-amount of dollars.  Don’t do this and the money will dry up.”  Most everyone wants that ‘free’ money, so some ‘best practices’ tend to follow federal wishes.

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