Homeschooling through DoDDS in ‘remote’ areas

At some overseas assignments, the number of children accompanying sponsors stationed in the area may not meet the minimum requirement for the establishment of a DoD dependent school:  100 elementary children, or  300 secondary students (PDF-page 19, C1.5.2.1. Establishment).

At such assignments, the military services do not provide a DoD Dependent School.  Children living with their parents in such an area may be attend a non-DoD school, may remain in the U.S. with friends or relatives to continue their schooling, may attend a private school overseas, or may be  homeschooled.  If the parents prefer to homeschool the children rather than choose one of the other schooling methods, DoD will provide a stipend to the sponsor to cover some expenses.

Sponsors who are assigned to an area with no local DoD dependent school, and who wish to homeschool their accompanying children, may submit their requests according to the information at:

Please note:  This guidance does not apply to families who choose to homeschool in overseas locations where a DoD school exists.

If your military community has a DoDDS facility then you may still homeschool, but DoD will not provide the stipend.  You will pay for your homeschooling materials as usual.

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