Corporate homeschooling

The following link is to an article by Lawrence Williams, founder of Oak Meadow. The article discusses for-profit school-at-home programs that are often available to parents through state-funding, and Dr. Williams’s decision to make Oak Meadow a non-profit organization.

Corporate Homeschooling, Lawrence Williams, Education (AERO)

I’ve finally realized that education and for-profit organizations don’t mix. Perhaps the thrill of enormous profits inherent in the for-profit world is simply incompatible with the educational arena in which compassion, integrity, and self-sacrifice are valued so highly. If we want to teach our children to become strong, intelligent, compassionate adults—and thoughtful members of the global community—that can be best accomplished through a business structure that sets an example of disciplined, responsible, ethical behavior.

Over the years, we’ve had many offers to sell Oak Meadow, but on each occasion it was clear that the motivation of the buyers was for profit, not for children. Many other homeschool organizations have started, grown, and been sold to large for-profit corporations since we began, and the number of heavily-capitalized for-profit educational corporations seems to be increasing daily.

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