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Tossed by the Fates, by Valerie Bonham Moon, is a blog version of a book intended for military parents homeschooling their children.  I wrote the book a few years ago, but have dithered as to how to publish it.  There are many ways to publish information, and each has its strengths and drawbacks.

  • I think the book will be useful, but the overall audience is probably too small for a ‘dead tree’ version.
  • I considered e-book publishing, but that method is still too arcane (for me).  I wouldn’t look for an e-book, therefore I assume that the information would not reach as much of the intended audience as I hope it will.
  • I thought perhaps publishing it in PDF form via the files on a Yahoo group, but then the search engines would never find it.
  • I considered putting it at my website, The Military Homeschooler, but it would conflict with the existing format.  I’d have to re-write the site, and that isn’t something I want to put on my ‘to do’ list.
  • I even considered just forgetting the whole thing because I do have that website, but ‘the book wants to be published.’  It just won’t let me move on until it is set free from this maroon notebook sitting next to me.

I have written other blogs, so I thought, why not a blog?  The writing is relatively simple.  The ‘platform’ is accessible.  Blogs are free.  No trees have to die.  So, a blog it is.

Choosing the name was a bit of a challenge.  Just plopping “Military Homeschooling” at the top was dreary.  Ho-hum, yet more dry information without much spark to it.  I tried on some names such as Homeschooling the Brats (“brats” being a fond nickname for the children of military personnel) and We Happy Few (very few!) but they didn’t seem to fit.

The main picture in my mind’s eye was that of family always moving from one home to another, with only a few years’ breather in between each bout with the movers.  Just as soon as you know how many steps there are on the stairs, and you don’t have to turn on the light to go up or down, orders arrive and you’re off to a new house.  We often don’t know where we’re going to wind up, even if our sponsors have orders in their hands.  Until the PCS funds have been spent, the next home is anyone’s guess.  Because of this, “tossed by the fates” seemed a reasonable way to characterize the adventure.

I hope my readers find the information easy to find, easy to understand, and easy to use.

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