Glossary: N – Z

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NAEP: National Assessment of Educational Progress; “the nation’s report card” since 1969; “NAEP does not provide scores for individual students or schools; instead, it offers results regarding subject-matter achievement, instructional experiences, and school environment for populations of students (e.g., fourth-graders) and subgroups of those populations (e.g., female students, Hispanic students). NAEP results are based on a sample of student populations of interest.”

NAF: non-appropriated fund

National Guard: state military organizations to be mobilized in case of war or national emergency; may be Army or Air National Guard

NAS: Naval Air Station

NATO: North Atlantic Treaty Organization; a post- WWII alliance for the common defense of Europe against threats to national sovereignty by the USSR. The first document of NATO, the Treaty of Washington, was signed in 1949.

NAVEX: Navy exchange; see Exchange

NCO: Non-commissioned officer; a mid-level enlisted leader

NCHE: National Center for Home Education; a division of the conservative Christian legal defense association, HSLDA

NHEN: National Home Education Network

no-fee passport: an official passport issued to DoD civilians and dependents for overseas travel

non-appropriated fund: an instrumentality whose funds are generated by DOD military and civilian personnel and their dependents and used to augment funds appropriated by the Congress to provide a comprehensive, moralebuilding welfare, religious, educational, and recreational program, designed to improve the well-being of military and civilian personnel and their dependents.

non-command sponsored: a dependent in an overseas area who is not entitled to government transportation to or from the United States and who is in the host nation without the endorsement of the appropriate overseas military commander

not ordinarily resident: a person who live in a country temporarily and arrived with government travel orders; typically US citizens who are DoD, federal or military personnel, and their and family members, who are on the travel orders; other personnel having diplomatic privileges and immunities.



OCONUS: Outside the CONtinental United States

OHA: Overseas Housing Allowance paid to service members who live in private housing at their overseas duty station.

OIF:  Operation Iraqi Freedom

OPSEC: operations security; minimizing vulnerability and the amount of information available to adversaries; loose lips sink ships

ops tempo: frequency of operations

ordinarily resident: living someplace as if you were an ordinary, permanent resident; a citizen of the host country or a citizen of another country who has shifted the main residency focus to the host country and has the required work and/or residency permit for employment in country

overseas: all assignments outside the 48-contiguous states



PCS: permanent change of station (change of permanent station); a move or transfer

permanent storage: long-term storage of household goods in the US during an overseas tour of duty

POA: power of attorney

power of attorney: legal document allowing a person to specify someone else to handle his or her legal affairs on his or her behalf; the catch is that businesses are not required to honor the document and may decline to do so

POV: privately-owned vehicle; a car

portfolio: a record, with examples or photos, of a child’s learning

private organization: “Self-sustaining and non-Federal entities, incorporated or unincorporated, which are operated on DoD installations with the written consent of the installation commander or higher authority, by individuals acting exclusively outside the scope of any official capacity as officers, employees, or agents of the Federal Government.” DoD Instruction 1000.15

PX: Army post exchange; see Exchang



quarters: domicile; can be a house, an apartment, a barracks or a tent



rations: a fixed, official allowance of food or controlled substances; a payment to a servicemember who does not eat in a dining facility

remote assignment: military duty performed while assigned to a military installation or other activity in the United States for which military and civilian medical or dental facilities accessible to that installation are inadequate to support needs of assigned personnel or their families; being stationed at an installation a minimum of 50 miles or one hour of driving time from the nearest military facilities

Reserves: Reserve forces for all the military services

ROTC: Reserve Officers’ Training Corps; an elective curriculum for college students

RVN: Republic of Viet Nam



safe haven: area to which noncombatants of the United States Government’s responsibility may be evacuated during an emergency

SAT: Scholastic Aptitude Test; tests in math and English used by college admissions offices as one measure of the abilities of prospective students

school-at-home: a homeschooling style resembling the structured, subject-divided style of public schooling

school-in-a-box: colloquial term for a boxed curriculum

school liaison officer: a member of a commander’s staff who has demonstrated effectiveness, maturity and leadership as a military commissioned officer, an officergrade civilian, or a senior noncommissioned officer to serve as an installation school’s officer. The school’s officer shall function as a liaison between the school principal(s) and the Military Department installation staff, but shall not be assigned responsibility for any aspect of operating the school(s).

servicemember: a member of one of the military services to include Reserves and National Guard

services: one of the five military services: Army, Air Force, Coast Guard, Marines or Navy

SLO: school liaison officer

SNAFU: Situation Normal All ‘Fouled’ Up; synonym of FUBAR, “Fouled” Up Beyond All Recognition

SOF:  statement of faith

SOFA: status of forces agreement; define areas of legal responsibility held by a host country over U.S. military personnel stationed within its borders

SOP: standard operating procedure; how things are usually done concerning a particular task

space-required: in reference to DoDDS enrollment, a required space for a command-sponsored military dependent

Soviet Union: USSR, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics; Communist republic established in 1922 and dissolved in 1991

sponsor: military member or DoD civilian with dependents

statement of faith: usually a statement to be signed by a prospective support group member indicating that he or she subscribes to a specific religious doctrine as a condition of membership.   In some SOF support groups, only persons aspiring to a leadership position (head of any committee) are required to sign the statement; dues will be accepted from any member.



TAD: temporary attached duty

TDY: temporary duty

temps: overseas term for temporary quarters, not to be confused with guest house; fourth-floor walk-up quarters in overseas government apartment buildings; often formerly maids’ quarters; may be either 2 bedroom or 8 bedroom territory: an organized division of the US that is not a state and is administered by a governor and legislature

theater: a geographic military theater-of-operations such as Europe or the Pacific.  May also be a cinema on a military installation, but a “military theater” is a geographic area.

theft:  If you are reading this at a site other than Tossed by the Fates, and no attribution is given to hard-working and generous Valerie Bonham Moon, the person(s) using this text is passing my work off as theirs, the slimy rotters.  If you paid for this information, you were schnookered.  There isn’t much I can do about plagiarists, but I thought you should know that about the site you’re visiting.

Tier system for military recruits:

  • Tier I — Regular high school graduates, adult diploma holders, and non-graduates with at least 15 hours of college credit
  • Tier II — Alternative credential holders, including those with a General Education Development (GED) certificate of high school equivalency
  • Tier III — Those with no education credential

TMO: transportation movements office(r) transcript: the record of a person’s schooling; generally includes course names, whether or not the course was a lab, and the use of correct terminology in describing courses

Transportation: in reference to families the office(s) who handle the shipments of household good and hold baggage; AF term “TMO”

truancy: being absent without permission, usually from school.



UCMJ: Uniform Code of Military Justice

UK: the United Kingdom which comprises Great Britain and Northern Ireland

umbrella school: organizations offering various ranges of external help with home education

unaccompanied baggage: express shipment or hold baggage sent overseas before a servicemember PCSs

unaccompanied tour: an overseas assignment without the presence of dependents endorsed by the appropriate overseas military commander

Uniform Code of Military Justice: the portion of the US Code detailing the code of military criminal law applicable to all servicemembers

unit study: the themed study of an entire topic; a study of pencils might include a look at the manufacture of ‘pencil lead,’ the development of mechanical pencils, reading the essay, “I, Pencil My Family Tree as told to Leonard E. Read,” a visit to a pencil factory, a collection of various kinds of pencils and a booklet written about pencils in pencil.

unschooling: a homeschooling style where the learner is allowed to decide what to learn and how much of it to learn. Upon hearing a description of unschooling a friend of mine said, “Oh, like adult-education.”

UR: acronym for USAREUR Regulation

USAFE: United States Air Forces in Europe

USAREUR: United States Army Europe

USNAVEUR: United State Navy Europe

US Code: Code of laws and supplements of the United States



Volksmarch: organized hiking through historic or scenic areas over a marked trail for specific lengths usually 10 kilometers or 20 kilometers although some marches go on for 50 kilometers; originated in Germany. Not a speed.



WAC: a member of the Women’s Army Corps which existed as a separate Corps within the Regular Army between 1943 and 1978. In 1978 women were fully assimilated into the Army. The Women’s Army Auxiliary Corps, WAAC, preceded the WAC between 1942 and 1943

Warsaw Pact: Warsaw Treaty Organization; mutual defense treaty alliance signed in Warsaw, Poland in 1955 that was the Soviet bloc’s equivalent to NATO; dissolved in 1991

weight allowance: in connection with a PCS the total amount of weight paid for by the government for the shipment of a servicemember’s household effects white paper: an authoritative report about a major issue



Zeitgeist: from German; the characteristic spirit of a specific time period such as the 1950s, ‘the Sixties’ and so on


Copyright 2006, Valerie Bonham Moon

This work may be copied and distributed for free as long as the copyright and this notice are included.


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