Husbands are husbands, and wives are wives

Despite it’s usefulness I don’t like the word ‘spouse.’ To me it sounds too much like the word ‘souse.’

Use of ‘spouse’ also causes the ungainly he/she problem in writing that makes the text sound like it was written in Bureaucrat-speak and I gave up being a petty bureaucrat (GS-4) a long time ago.

For the purposes of this blog:

  • If you’re a woman spouse you’re a wife.
  • If you’re a man spouse you’re a husband.

All references in this book to people married to servicemembers will be in the feminine. Most primary-homeschooling parents are moms so I’ll default to all the servicemembers being dads, even though they aren’t.  I’m sympathetic to the stereotype as I have also been active duty, as were my sister and my mom.

I beg the indulgence of all homeschooling-military-spouse-dads, and active-duty-spouse-moms who are reading this: it’s not personal, it’s just easier.


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  1. militaryhomeschooling said,

    25 June 2008 at 11:26 am

    “must bee logged in?” Is that a pun by the person who wrote the code for this blog’s design (not me) because of the stylized flower, bird and butterfly???

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